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  • Find the Dog Board Game
  • Find the Dog Board Game
  • Find the Dog Board Game

Find the Dog Board Game

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4. (This game is based on the classic fairytale forest or sagaland game) There are dogs hiding in the dog park. We have to go find them! The cards are placed upside down in a pile and the top one is turned over. We have to look for that dog, but where is he/she hiding? Dice, count and step over the balls through the park. If you are on a green dot appears, you can look under the cap. Only you are allowed to see that dog. Now you already know which dog is hiding there. Is it the one on the turned over card that we are looking for? If so, get to the bone as quickly as possible. If not, continue looking for the animal at the top. Try to remember them for the upcoming cards! Whoever touches the bone can tell where the dog is and open the cap. If it is correct, you can keep the cap and the card. A new card is then turned over. The first to find 3 dogs is the fastest sniffer dog! You've earned your bone as a reward!

File content

2 pages including:
- 1 game board
- 11 dog cards
- 11 dog tokens (for under bottle cap)
- 4 pawns

Materials not included

(bottle) Caps
Pawn feet