How our webshop works.

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Dear visitor,

Welcome to Surya Designs. In this webshop you can purchase unique toddler files. You will receive the DIGITAL PDF file(s) of all parts of the product in a ZIP folder. Only with heavier files you will also receive all pages of the game in separate PNGs. These are less heavy than a PDF. You will also receive an information sheet with the rules of the game and print info. READ this sheet carefully to find out how you can present the file in class, how to print it correctly, in what numbers and in what format.

You often see a preview of the file in the shop. This means that it contains more parts, for example extra cards with colors for extra players. The concrete additional materials such as a turning wheel, buzzer, feeler bag, etc... are not supplied by us! The reference where you can find these materials is always mentioned on the product page under "Materials not included".

But how does this exactly work?

STEP 1: You add the desired products to the shopping cart via the green button on a product page and choose checkout.
STEP 2: During the Checkout you can enter temporary discount codes or if you buy 5 or more files, you can already benefit from the "BUNDLE DISCOUNTS".  Read here more about these benefits. These discounts are then automatically calculated for you in the shopping cart.
STEP 3: Make your choice between payment providers before checkout and follow the instructions on the screen.
STEP 4: After payment you will immediately receive an order confirmation and the download mail with which you can download the products! If you do not receive this email immediately, please contact us!
STEP 5: You can download the files to your computer via the links that open in your download mail. You will receive this in a ZIP folder. 
STEP 6: Before you can use it, the ZIP must be extracted. Right click on the ZIP folder and choose extract. Use a free unpacking program for this. For example, you can Winzip for use.
STEP 7: Open the PDF file, print, cut and laminate. Have fun with our materials. If you lose something, don't worry. With the download mail you can always retrieve the products again. If you have lost an email, you can always contact us.