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Welcome to Surya Designs. In this webshop you can buy cool and unique play material for kindergarten classes. You will only receive the DIGITAL PDF file (s) of all parts of the product in a ZIP folder. Only with heavier files you will also receive all pages of the game in separate PNGs.

You will also receive an information sheet with the rules of the game and print information. READ this sheet carefully to know how to print the game correctly and in what quantities.

You often only see a PREVieuw of the game in the shop. This means that a game contains more parts, eg extra cards with colors for extra players. The concrete additional materials such as a rotary wheel, buzzer, tactile bag, magnetic sticks, etc. are not supplied by us !!! The reference to where you can find these materials is always mentioned with the product.

But how exactly does this work?

You add the desired products to the shopping cart. If you buy 5 or more than 5 products, you can already benefit from the "BUNDLE PRICES'. Check these benefits on the "Prices" page. During the checkout you can enter the appropriate discount code! This code is automatically calculated for you in the shopping cart. Also keep an eye on our temporary promotions for an extra discount!

At checkout you will be connected to the chosen payment provider. After the payment you will receive the link button per game, with which you can download the products! If you accidentally missed the online page, don't worry. You will also receive the download links by e-mail!

Just for your information: When you receive the email with download links. Download the game first and then open it! (Internet Explorer sometimes has problems with ZIP files, try another browser)!

Don't forget to check the BUNDLE PRICES at the prices page. Use the bundle codes and take advantage of great discounts! 

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