Savings program

How does it work?

When you create an account on our website you automatically save points. With every purchase you earn 2 points per € 1 spent.
You can exchange these points for a discount coupon that you can use with your next purchase.
Via the pop-up at the bottom of the page you can consult your points balance and exchange it for discounts.

Step by step!

1. you will see the following icon appear on the website!


2. When you then click on it, you will see a pop-up where you can create an account (Join now) or login (sign in) if you already have an account.


Now you are ready to save points.


3. Your pop-up will look like this once you are logged in, at the top you will see your points total and an overview of the next discount for which you can exchange your loyalty points.

Below you see the ways in which you can collect points (Ways to earn), and how you can exchange it (Ways to redeem).


4. You can collect points in the following ways (Ways to earn):

- Create an account and get 10 points.

- You get 2 points for every 1 € you spend in our webshop.

- Follow us on instagram and get 10 points.

- "Like" our facebook page and get 10 points.

- We also want to celebrate your birthday with you, enter your birthday and immediately receive 100 points.


5. These are the discounts for which you can exchange your points (Ways to redeem):

- With 50 points you get a 5% discount (full order)

- With 100 points you get a 10% discount (full order)

- With 200 points you get a 20% discount (full order)

- With 300 points you get a 30% discount (full order)

- With 400 points you get a 40% discount (full order)

*With this new way of collecting points, you can now choose which discount you want. So you are no longer obliged to place a "large" order if you still wanted to enjoy an extra discount. Besides these discounts, there is of course still our collection of special offers (discounts).


6. You can also earn a discount by promoting our webshop to your friends, at the bottom of Referrals you can find your own specific link that you can share with whoever you want.

Every friend or acquaintance who places an order on our webshop via this link receives a 10% discount, and because they order via this link, you automatically receive a 10% discount.

What about the bundle discounts?

However, they will still exist, people who prefer to place a large order of 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 games immediately. Can still use the following discount codes.

- Bundle of 5 games (10%) - BUNDEL5

- Bundle of 10 games (15%) - BUNDEL10

- Bundle of 20 games (20%) - BUNDEL20

- Bundle of 30 games (30%) - BUNDEL30

- Bundle of 40 games (40%) - BUNDEL40

How do these bundle discounts work?

You add the desired products to the shopping cart. If you buy 5 or more than 5 products, you can already benefit from the "BUNDLE DISCOUNTS'. During the check-out you can enter the appropriate discount code! This code is automatically calculated for you in the shopping cart. Also keep an eye on our temporary promotions for an extra discount!

Have fun shopping!

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