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  • Which Chick is It?

Which Chick is It?

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Rules of the game

This game can be played in pairs with 2-4. Each player chooses a color card full of crazy chicks, but which chick do you play? Here the standard rules of the classic who is the game apply. You draw a single card and that chick is you, your opponent must guess. Take turns asking a YES / NO question to exclude chicks, it isn't already! What you can ask for Eg: Is it a boy / girl? Am I wearing a tie / bow? Do I wear glasses? Do I wear a yellow (any color) color? Do I have (colored) eyes? etc ... If your opponent answers NO, then you must exclude all chicks that DO have it by covering them. It will not be these already! If the answer is YES, you must cover all chicks where it is NOT the case. Whoever is the first to get the other's chick or guess is the winner! Happy Easter!

File content

6 pages including:
- 4 who is it signs
- 28 chick cards

Not included materials

Cover material (eg: tokens, Easter eggs, large bottle caps etc ...)


Stick a pattern or colored paper on the back of the individual cards. Otherwise, the cheaters can see through too easily! 

Customer Reviews

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Karine Royemans

Superleuke variant op "Wie is het". Oudste Kleuters hebben ervan genoten. Goede manier om logisch (om)denken te oefenen (vb. Is het een jongen? JA => alle meisjes moeten weg!). Supervisie wel geen overbodige luxe om tot goede vraagstelling te komen (groot aantal kleuters zijn meertalig).