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What Animal is It?

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4 in pairs per 2. Each has a map full of wild animals, but who are you? Here the standard rules of the classic who is the game apply. You draw a large animal card and that animal is you, your opponent must guess. Take turns asking each other a YES / NO question to be able to exclude animals, it isn't already! What you can ask for Eg: do I live in Africa? Do I have dots on my coat? Can I fly? Do I have a long tail? Am I a carnivore? Do I like to swing in the trees? Am I a heavy animal? Can I stand the cold? Am I hibernating? Do I have fur? Do I have feathers? Do I have scales? Am I living in the water? etc ... If your opponent answers with a NO, you must exclude all animals that DO, by covering them with a magnet token. These will not be! If the answer is YES, you must exclude all animals where it is NOT the case. Whoever is the first to keep or guess the other's animal is the winner! Just swipe the magnet stick and ZOOM you can play again!

File content

7 pages including:
- 4 who is it signs
- 20 animal cards

Not included materials

Magnetic chips  (www.wesco-eshop.nl)
Magnet sticks  (www.wesco-eshop.nl)