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  • Weekly Calendar Cards

Weekly Calendar Cards

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Game rules

These weekly calendar cards serve as a visual weekly calendar during the reception circle moment. You can choose which range of cards you want to offer in the classroom. Hang them in a row and let the children indicate which day it is with the help of a clothespin or pearl on a thread. In this way the children get to know the days of the week and promote their language development. You can also use the cards with the names of the days, the full or half day cards, home cards and the arrow cards such as: today, yesterday, tomorrow etc.. You will receive all cards in two sizes, larger model and a smaller model. . You can choose between the version with children (more complex) or the tickets without children (simpler). You also have the choice to use cards with a colored border in our standard color range or give the blank border cards the desired colors yourself. You will also receive the big name cards with the days of the week blank for you to color yourself in the colors you want. If you still want other colors of borders, you can certainly request this via our email. 

These cards can be nicely combined with our daily rhythm, seasons, task board, months, weather and corner range calendars.

File content

15 pages including:
- 7 week calendar cards large with children + color border
- 7 weekly calendar cards large without children + color border
- 7 weekly calendar cards large with children, without border
- 7 weekly calendar cards large without children, without border
- 7 weekly calendar cards small without children
- 7 weekly calendar cards small with children
- 5 arrow cards (today, yesterday, tomorrow, the day before yesterday, the day after tomorrow)
- 1 half full & 1 full day card large and small size
- 2 home cards large & small size
- 7 day name strips large blank
- 7 day name strips small colored
- 7 day name strips small black

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