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  • Airplane Game

Airplane Game

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4. Each player chooses a plane color, take the passenger legend of your color. Place the passenger cards in the center of the table for everyone. All start on the tarmak to take off! Dice, count and move your pawn (airplane) forward over the clouds on the game board. If you arrive on a cloud with colors, take a good look and find the passengers that match those colors. Which children can you board!  If you arrive on a cloud with a color, of which this passenger is already on board, you should not take bad luck twice. If you come across a thundercloud, you have to return that number of steps (turbulence). The game ends when everyone has landed at the end. Then we will look and count. Whoever has the most passengers on his / her plane is the best pilot in the country!

File content

10 pages including:
- 1 game board
- 6 planes
- 45 passenger tickets
- 6 legends

Not included materials