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  • Ti Ta Magic Cauldron
  • Ti Ta Magic Cauldron
  • Ti Ta Magic Cauldron
  • Ti Ta Magic Cauldron
  • Ti Ta Magic Cauldron

Ti Ta Magic Cauldron

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-10. Each player chooses a potion card and a cauldron. We are going to make a magic potion according to the recipe. Before the game starts, put 1 card of each type of ingredient in a feeler bag, the other cards in a large container. Grab each one in turn and take out an ingredient card. Do you need 1 or more of this ingredient for your potion? If so, you may take 1 and place it in your witch's cauldron. Do you need more than 1? Then you can try to roll the exact number of the amount you need with the dice. If you roll the correct number, you can immediately place that many cards in your magic cauldron. If not, your turn is over and you put the card back in the bag. Be the first to collect all 10 ingredients in the cauldron to brew your potion. Hocus Pocus what a ti ta wizard/witch you are!

File content

23 pages including:
- 22 potion cards in various colors
- 1 magic cauldron (number x prints)
- 28 creepy ingredient cards (1 to 16x) 

Materials not included

feel bag (Ikea)
dice (

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hilde Dons

Heel leuk spel, maar heel veel knip en lamineerwerk.

Zsanett Kovacs

very funny game, the kids love it

Evi Poelman
leuk telspelletje

heel leuk om kleuters te leren tellen