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Tooth play

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4 toddlers. Choose a toothbrush color and take a whiteboard marker (TIP: each child a different color). Anyone can dirty 2 to 3 teeth with 4 spots. We spread the teeth across the table. We put the stack of cards upside down. The game leader (dentist) turns over the top card on the stack every x. The players find the tooth with the same food as quickly as possible and brush away 1 stain with the toothbrush. PLEASE NOTE with healthy food, you will not have to brush, with unhealthy food you will! Whoever brushes off the stain on the right tooth first can keep the teeth card. When the pile is all turned over and all teeth are brushed, we see who collected the most teeth. That's the best and the fastest toothbrush! Your teeth will certainly be healthy!

File content

16 pages including:
- 56 feeding cards
- 33 teeth

Not included materials

Whiteboard markers, optionally in various colors (Action)
Toothbrushes in various colors (Convenience store)