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  • Super Spel - Juf Surya Designs
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Super Game

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-7. Each player chooses a superhero and takes his/her color game board. Your game board shows the 3 special powers that your superhero can perform once each during the game. Each player places the appropriate legend next to him. Start at the POW! The superheroes are ready for their training! Dice, count and move your hero over the clouds. You will find a logo on each cloud. Every object or logo has an action that goes with it. These are explained in the legend. BV: masks with line = duel superhero training. In this duel you have to roll the dice with the color of the dice to find out who. Do you have the special power mask = duel with your own opponent of choice! During a duel, you both roll the dice once with the regular dice. Whoever throws the highest gets to move that number of points forward, and whoever throws the lowest gets to move that number of points backwards. If you land on a thundercloud or are sent there by an opponent's special superpower, you must skip your next turn on CRACK! The ground has cracked and you have fallen into a hole! The first person to dismantle the bomb (BOOM) is the winner! You are the fastest superhero in the whole country! Shaka-Pow!!!

File content

9 pages including:
- 7 legends
- 7 pawns
- 7 game boards in various colors

Materials not included

Color Dice
Pawn feet