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  • Speaking Wall: Numbers & Numbers

Speaking Wall: Numbers & Numbers

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Game rules

This game can be offered in a small group, corner offer or during a circle moment. Pre-record the recordings per card max. 30 seconds. Press play below the picture and set the button at the top to REC. Then slide the knob to PLAY to play and listen. Slide the theme cards into the boxes. In this exercise "Counting & numbers", we are looking for the picture where you hear the same number but the number of images is different each time. Each child takes turns rolling the large foam die. Count the number of dots, now start looking for the speaking wall to a space with the same number but a different image.This can be: number, domino, roman, beads, hands, iceberg math or object.When you think you have found a correct picture, press the green PLAY button to "Teacher recordings eg: 1,2,3 etc... Is it correct? Fantastic you get 1 point (save with concrete materials). Play in rounds, each child may roll 5 to 10 times. The child who When you have collected the most points, the winner/winners is the winner! Many other game forms are also possible. This game has extra cards for the speaking wall. So you can alternate and differentiate with the numbers up to 5 or 10 and the type of number images you want to offer.
TIP: You can also add a color die (then you don't use the black cards). Then you have to look for a card with that color and the same number as the large die indicates.

File content

12 pages including:
- 70 speaking wall maps (10 per number image, 7 types)

Materials not included

speaking wall (
Large mousse dice (Action)
Concrete material for points counting (optional)

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Anneloor De clerck

Heel graag nog zo kaartjes voor de spreekmuur!
Zeker de seizoenen, en terugkerende thema’s zeer welkom!