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  • Spider Shape Matrix

Spider Shape Matrix

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Game rules

TIP: Stick velcro/Velcro on the compartments and the cards in advance to prevent them from shifting. 

This game can be played with 2-4. Each player takes an empty matrix board. Grab each in turn in the feeler bag. Take out a ticket and look closely. Where can you place this spin card? Look at the spider's color and the shape on the back. What shape does the spider have on its back: circle, triangle, square, rhombus, polygon or cross? Place the card in the correct box of the row and column. Do you already have these? Unfortunately your turn is over. Whoever completes the matrix first is the winner!

File content

4 pages including:
- 2 Matrix plates
- 60 Spin cards (2x30)

Materials not included

feel bag (IKEA)
Velcro, optional (Action)

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Zsanett Kovacs

the kids like this game