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  • Seasonal Calendar Cards

Seasonal Calendar Cards

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Game rules

You can offer these cards to enrich the calendars at the reception of the class. Let the children hang or mark the correct season with the arrow on the disc. Hang up the correct tree card and the children who are dressed according to the season. You will also receive the name cards of the seasons. You get all cards with a colored wheel and without a border. You will receive the seasonal trees in large format A4 and smaller on the cards.

These cards can be nicely combined with our daily rhythm, week, task board, months, weather and corner range calendars.

Materials not included

- split pin (for turntable calendar)

File content

11 pages including:
- 1 turntable seasonal calendar + arrow
- 4 season trees on A4
- 4 tree cards + border
- 4 tree cards without border
- 4 child in season cards + edge
- 4 child in season cards without border
- 4 season name strips

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