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  • Schaduw Blaadjes - Juf Surya Designs
  • Shadow Leaves
  • Shadow Leaves
  • Shadow Leaves
  • Shadow Leaves
  • Shadow Leaves
  • Shadow Leaves
  • Shadow Leaves

Shadow Leaves

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-5. Each player chooses a color leaf pattern card either from 2 or from 3 suit. In autumn the trees lose their leaves, which have beautiful colors and different shapes. Can you see the differences? Go over all leaf shapes on the turning wheel: smooth/serrated, long/narrow, thick/thin, large/small, single veins/branches. Everyone takes turns first spinning the wheel, (optional) then rolling the die with the color of the die. Look carefully at the shapes. Do you need exactly the same shape (& color) of leaves for your autumn pattern? If so, you can take the card from the correct sheet in the (correct color) and place it in the right place under your pattern card. If not, unfortunately your turn is over. The first to copy his/her pattern is the winner!

TIP DIFFERENTIATE: You can work with a color die (take 1 with brown instead of purple, blue color does not count). Or you can leave out the dice and let the children choose the color they need for their pattern. Then you only work with shape recognition.

File content

7 pages including:
- 1 spinning wheel disc
- 10 pattern strips (2 per color)
- 1 legend
- 270 sheet cards (9 types, 6 per color)

Materials not included

turning wheel (Ikea)
Dice color (optional)

Customer Reviews

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Delphine Colpaert
Zeer goeie service

Zeer tevreden van de service, kinderen vinden de spelletjes zeer leuk!

Lastig te printen

Alleen de eerste was te printen, voor de rest een foutmelding.
Het kon niet meteen op A3. A4 lukte wel en daarna vergroten

Van Carina

Superleuk spel, kls zijn er dol op