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  • Safari Spel - Juf Surya Designs
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Safari Games

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4 toddlers. You go on safari in the jeep through South Africa. The wildlife is well hidden. We have to go look for them to spot them with binoculars! The cards are placed upside down in a pile and the top one is turned over. We are looking for that animal, but where is he/she hiding? Dice, count and step over the dots to drive through the safari park. If you land on an orange dot, you can look under the cap (spot). Only you are allowed to see this animal, make sure the others cannot see it yet. Is it the one we're looking for? If so, don't say anything and go to the tent on your next turn(s). If not, continue looking for the animal at the top. Try to remember where you spotted animals for the upcoming cards! Anyone who comes into the tent can tell where the animal can be spotted and look inside the cap. If it is correct, you can keep the cap and the card and place it face up in front of you. If it is wrong, put the cap back on and start searching again. Once the correct animal has been spotted, a new card is turned over and let's spot it! The first to spot 3 animals is the winner!

File content

3 pages including:
- 16 animal cards
- 1 game board
- 16 animal tokens (for under caps)

Materials not included

Die (all-purpose class)
Pawn feet (Aliexpress)
Bottle caps