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Space Initial Sound Reaction Game

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4. You work in duo teams or each separately. Each team or child will receive a buzzer. There is 1 game master (teacher or other child). After each turn on the wheel, the game master places a card on the table. All players first look carefully, you see a picture that also starts with the same letter sound in front, then very quickly press the buzzer! Whoever presses first may give the answer. Right ticket is for you. Wrong answer, then the others can say it. If there is nothing on it with the same letter sound in front, the game master turns another card on the table. Whoever collected the most cards at the end are the best astronauts in training!

File content

8 pages including:
- 26 sound tokens (2x13 for the wheel)
- 24 letter tokens (for the wheel)
- 1 legend
- 24 response cards

Not included materials

Rotary wheel (Ikea)
Buzzer (Action)
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