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  • Professor Letterzetter - Juf Surya Designs
  • Professor Letterzetter - Juf Surya Designs

Professor Letterzetter

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-6. Each player chooses a color Smart inventor (professor). What did your professor invent? Take all the letters of your color and an empty name card. Take the number of magnetic chips as letters in the name. Also take the appropriate magnetic stick. The oldest toddler can roll the color dice. Who has the color professor? Then you can spin the wheel! Spin the wheel and read the letter. What letter is that? Do you hear and see that letter in your professor's (last) name? Look carefully at your Laboratory card. If so, first find the letter in your lab bottles. Found it? Place a colored magnetic chip on it. Now you have to put the same letter on your name card. You must get the full name of your Professor on your name card. Place the letter token in the correct place on the card. Check your Lab card, the (last) name is also printed there in large letters! Doesn't your professor have this letter in his name? Unfortunately peanut butter, your turn is passing! The last player rolls the color die each time to determine the next player. The first person to write the professor's full (surname) name on the name card is the winner! What a splatter of a typesetter!

File content

4 pages including:
- 6 laboratory cards
- 6 name strips
- 32 letter cards in various colors (4 to 8 per name)
- 26 letter tokens (for the wheel)
You will receive this game with the capital letters and the reading letters.

Materials not included

Color dice
turning wheel (Ikea)
Magnetic sticks (
Magnetic chips (

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S Rozemeijer
Jammer hoofdletters

Mooi spel, jammer dat het alleen in hoofdletters is.