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Pizza Party

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4 toddlers. Turn over all pizza combo cards. Everyone gets a Pizza Shelf and turns over a pizza combo card, that is your pizza order. Each turn the wheel in turn.  Watch and compare the pizza points. What is all on the pizza slice? Do you need this for your order? If so, find the same pizza slice and place it on your shelf. (diff) in the same place as on the combo ticket order. Whoever completes his order first with a full pizza shelf and a completely correct order is the best pizza chef in the country! Let's Party!

File content

15 pages including:
- 4 pizza boards
- 32 pizza slices (4 per type)
- 4 combo cards
- 1 rotating wheel disk

Not included materials

Rotary wheel (Ikea)
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