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Monster Mania

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Rules of the game

This game can be played with 2-6. Choose a color and take all parts of that color. Dice with both dice. Look and count, find the number of pips of the die back on the matching card. Look in that list now which body part you can take, if you have rolled an eye, you have to take the type of eye that is in the list of your thrown eyes. Assemble your sample like this. You must have rolled each number of eyes once before you have a full monster. Be the first to try to finish your sample.

File content

49 pages including:
- 1 die
- 72 arms (12 per color)
- 66 legs (11 per color)
- 60 horns (10 per color)
- 36 mouths (6 per color)
- 54 eyes (9 per color)
- 36 bodies (4 per color)
- 6 chips (for die)

Not included materials

Dice Blank (Schleiper)