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Aviation Quartet

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4 toddlers. Shuffle the cards well. Divide and give each other the same number of cards. Hold them in your hand like a fan. Take turns asking each other for a card. Look carefully at the large picture of that color you have, the small pictures you have to collect. Try to make a quartet by collecting 4 cards of each suit or suit (diff). Take turns asking for a card, if the toddler has that card, you must hand it over. Shoot only 1 color left in the game, then it's over! At the end of the game, whoever has made the most quartets is the winner! 

File content

8 pages including:
- 36 quartet cards (4 per suit)


Stick a pattern or colored piece of paper on the back of the cards. Otherwise the whiners and cheaters will be able to see through too easily!