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  • Kriebeldieren Lotto - Juf Surya Designs

Tickle Animals Lotto

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4 toddlers. Everyone gets a color pot full of tickle animals and magnetic cover tokens in your color. Turn the spinning wheel. Look carefully at the characteristics reference, for example: has no/has legs, has no/has antennae or the number of legs, etc. Count, look and compare the characteristics. Find a suitable tickle animal in your pot, have you caught it yes/no? Cover them by placing a magnetic chip on them. You may only cover 1 animal per turn or none! If you come across a prohibition sign = skip next turn! The first person to find all the ticklish animals in his/her pot is the best detective, winner! Done, whiz your stick over your pot and time for another round. Get a different color!

File content

4 pages including:
- 1 spinning wheel disc
- 7 extra tickets (flat wheel option)
- 6 tickle animal pots in various colors

Materials not included

magnetic sticks  (
magnetic chips  (
turning wheel  (Ikea)

Customer Reviews

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Annick Hofman

Vraagt voorbereidingstijd om het spel 'speel -klaar' te maken. De magneetsticks en fiches maken het extra uitdagend.
Het was een fijne verwerking na een zoektocht naar kriebeldieren met loeppotjes buiten. Ik heb het ingezet tijdens de keuzehoeken. Werd met veel enthousiasme onthaald.