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  • Tickle Wobble Quest

Tickle Wobble Quest

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Rules of the game

This game can be played with 2-6. You each choose a color magnifying glass. We go on a search for all the ticklish animals in our pot. Each player takes his / her chosen color pot. Each in turn, we roll the dice with the color of the dice. You roll the dice without knowing whether it will help yourself or someone else. It's a game of luck! Look at the die. Which COLOR? That is the player who can search for the search card in the center of the table. (tip: print search map twice for both sides of the table). Look with your magnifying glass for 1 tickle animal that you also have in your jar. Found it? Which animal is that? Well done, you can place a magnifying glass token on it, you have already found it. So you can roll your own color or someone else's dice during your roll, exciting! If a color is diced several times in succession, that is possible and allowed. Then that person is very lucky in the game! The first person to cover all the ticklish animals in his / her pot is the winner!

File content

5 pages including:
- 1 game board
- 6 pots in various colors
- 48 magnifying glass tokens (8 per color)

Not included materials

Color Dice
Magnifying glasses (