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  • Colors Coding Game

Colors Coding Game

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-6. Shuffle the pile of coding cards and place them face down in a pile on the table. Each player chooses a color easel with the paint splatters on it. Now each take turns drawing a card from the pile and place it face up under your color card. Take a good look at where your pawn should start at the same time. The color in the box BEFORE the arrows indicates which color your pawn may stand on. Now follow the direction of the arrows square by square on your map. The question mark asks you, where does your pawn end now? What color did you come up with? Now you can place a cover card on that color with the painter's palette. Each round, everyone draws a new coding card and place your pawn on the correct color to start. If a card has been used, you put it back at the bottom of the pile. Shake the pile again in between. Do you have a card and you arrive at a color that has already been covered, unfortunately! You can't do anything this turn. Try to cover all the colors first, then you will be the best painter in the country!

File content

10 pages including:
- 6 easels with paint colors
- 32 palette cover cards
- 16 code strips
- 12 pawns (6 girls and 6 boys)

Materials not included

pawn feet (aliexpress)

Customer Reviews

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Kim Pieters

Allemaal zijn het héél leuke spelletjes. Ideaal voor in mijn ICT koffer te steken! Ik hoop alvast op een uitbreiding 😉