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  • Dress The Garbage Man / Woman

Dress The Garbage Man / Woman

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-8. There are 4 garbage men and 4 women. Each player chooses a garbage man/woman and the corresponding dress-up card. You can choose between a yellow or orange garbage suit. Each one takes turns spinning the wheel. Which garment is it? Does your garbage man/woman still need this? If so, look at your dress-up card and take the correct item of clothing. Place the clothes in the correct place on the child. LOOK OUT! Check carefully whether you need the left or right side of the gloves and shoes. If the wheel stops on the washing machine, your suit is in the wash! Ai now you can't do anything, skip a turn unfortunately. If it stops on the recycle arrows, you're lucky you can spin again! If you don't need the item, your turn is over. Try to dress your child completely as a real garbage man / woman first. Then you are the winner and ready to pick up the garbage with the garbage truck.

File content

17 pages including:
- 1 turntable disc
- 6 garbage man/woman garments yellow
- 6 garbage man/woman garments orange
- 8 garbage men/women in underwear
- 8 example cards yellow
- 8 example cards orange

Materials not included

turning wheel (Ikea)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ilse Van Steen
kleed de vuilnisman

Heel leuk spel om de kinderen zelfstandig mee te laten spelen.
De kinderen vonden het spel geweldig!


De kleuters vinden het heel leuk! Dat maakte mijn thema afval nog leuker.