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  • Beetle Colors Topology

Beetle Colors Topology

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Rules of the game

This game can be played with 2-6. Each player chooses a color topology grid map. Now decide together whether you are going to play with a topo of 4, 6 or 8 number of beetles. Take all of your suit the small sample topo card with the chosen number (4, 6 or 8). You can also have the children draw a card from the hand or a stack, then chance determines for which amount they will play. Take turns using the die each. How many dots do we count? Look on your topo card if you need a beetle with the same number of dots on its back. If so, you may take the card of your color beetle with the correct number of dots and place it in the correct place of your large topology grid. If not, your turn passes. You may only place 1 card per turn. If you need more of the same number, you will have to wait until you roll this again. Be the first to try to copy your complete beetle topology, then you are won!

File content

9 pages including:
- 6 topology grid maps in various colors
- 18 topology example maps (3 numbers per suit)
- 36 beetle cards (6 per color)

Not included materials


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marieke bruneel

Eens wat anders voor de jongsten. Ook eens op een andere manier! Thanks