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  • Kennismaking Spel - Juf Surya Designs
  • Kennismaking Spel - Juf Surya Designs
  • Acquaintance Game
  • Acquaintance Game
  • Acquaintance Game
  • Acquaintance Game

Acquaintance Game

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Game rules

This game can be played as a class in a circle or in a group with 2-7 kids. The purpose of this game is to get to know each other and the teacher. Each one takes turns spinning the wheel. With every object that stops the wheel, you can ask one or more questions to each other. The legend can help you with this as a support. Below are some examples of what you can ask for with each object on the wheel:
- Dog, do you have pet(s) at home? What's your favorite animal?
- Palette, What's your favorite color?
- Birthday cake, When is your birthday? Which cake would you choose?
- Number, How old are you? How old will you be this year?
- Food, What's your favorite food? Who cooks/makes food at home?
- Ice cream, what's your favorite flavour? Which ice cream do you prefer to eat?
- Hugs, Do you have a favorite cuddly toy at home? What's that hug called?
- Family, Do you have brother(s)/sister(s)? What are your mom/dad and brother/sister names? - Vacation, Have you been on vacation? Where to and how?
- Friends, Who are your best friends at school/class?
- Drink, what's your favorite drink?
- Talent, What are you super good at? What is your talent(s)?

File content

8 pages including:
- 24 tokens for the wheel (2x12)
- 6 legends

Materials not included

turning wheel (IKEA)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
peggy phlips

heel leuk spel, kijk ernaar uit met met de kls te spelen.

Kelly Buysse

Een heel fijn spel! Dit spel zet ik in gedurende de gouden weken. De kleuters zijn erg enthousiast en gebruiken het spel nu reeds in het hoekenwerk.

Denise van der Zee
Super, super, super!!!

Jullie materialen zijn echt geweldig! Ik ben helemaal fan. Na de meivakantie zet ik het kennismakingsspel in. Ik kan niet wachten!

Liesbet Maes

Zeer leuk, origineel spel! Mooie uitvoering! Top.