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  • Jumbo Dino Race

Jumbo Dino Race

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Rules of the game

This game consists of 2 separate variants, which you will both receive.

This game can be played with 2-4. Each player chooses a color dino token. Start on the shadow of your dino at the start flags. You can play this game in 2 variants.

VARIANT 1: Do not use the legend and cards, but use a color die. You take turns dice and look at the color. Who has a paw print BEFORE themselves in this color? That player (s) may move 1 leg forward. If not, you will stand still. Before the finish your color of your pawn has to be diced, only then are you won!

VARIANT 2: Each player takes his / her color legend. Shuffle the cards well and make an upside down stack. The top card is turned over. Who has a paw print in front of them with the same color? Now name the word and cut it into pieces. Count the pieces (ex: T-Rex = 2) check for the legend. The person with the correct paw print may step forward that number, if not you stay there. After each turn, put the card back at the bottom of the pile. A volcano card means everyone has to take X number of steps back! Dino egg card, everyone is X number of steps forward! Before the finish, your color card must be turned over, only then are you won!

File content

10 pages including:
- 4 game boards (2 per variant)
- 34 action cards
- 4 legends
- 4 pawns

Not included materials

Color die (
Pawn feet (Aliexpress)

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