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Grain to Bread game

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4. Everyone chooses a sequence card. Everyone chooses a type of bread and takes all the puzzle pieces from it. Place your pawn on the ball of the game board with your bread as a starting place. Dice, count and move your pawn over the balls. Take a good look at which step of the process of making bread from grain? Step1: Grain, Step2: Harvesting, Step 3: Silo, Step 4: Factory, Step 5: Flour, Step 6: Baking bread, Step 7: Bread, Step 8: Bakery. Find the correct ball on your order card and place a bread token of the bread you want to bake on it. Only when your card is full can you take a puzzle piece. Try to fill up your card quickly, 3 or 4 times. The first person to complete their puzzle is the best baker, your bread is made! Even if you land on your bread on the game board, you can immediately take a puzzle piece!!

File content

5 pages including:
- 1 game board
- 4 order cards
- 4 puzzle loaves
- 29 bread chips (7 per loaf)

Materials not included


Customer Reviews

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Tineke Aerts

Was leuk als verwerkingsspel na een filmfragment hoe ze brood maken en waarnemingen van de materialen. Zeker ook mooi getekend! Maar toch wel best duur voor maar 1spel te ontvangen.