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  • Floep in de Soep - Juf Surya Designs
  • Floep in de Soep - Juf Surya Designs

Floep in the Soup

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-10. Each player chooses a color soup pot and the matching recipe. We are going to make soup according to our recipe. Grab each in turn in the tactile bag and take out an ingredient / vegetable card. Do you need 1 or more of this for your soup? If so, you can take 1 and put it on your soup pot. If not, your turn passes and you put the ticket back in the pocket. You may only take 1 ticket per turn, even if you sometimes need several of the same ingredient. Be the first to collect all 8 ingredients / vegetables in your soup pot. Float in the soup !! What are you good at cooking!

File content

14 pages including:
- 10 soup pots in various colors
- 10 recipe cards
- 36 ingredient cards (1 to 4x) 

Not included materials

Feelsack (Baert)

Customer Reviews

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Maureen Van de Gehuchte
Floep in de soep

Het lievelingsspel van mijn leerlingen
één nadeel: de lln krijgen zin in soep en dus moet je er wel een huishoudelijke activiteit aan koppelen ;-)