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Mad Fool Acorn Boss

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-5. Each player chooses a squirrel card and token. We start at the tree stump. We're going acorn hunting for our hibernation! Dice, count and move your pawn around the game board. Each object is linked to an action (see legend card). For example: kite + 2 places ahead, bolster AUW that stings you drop acorns. Dice and you have to take that number of acorns from your card. With the hedgehog, you have to roll extra dice for the last player. And on the leaves you change places with another, to be determined with the color die (brown instead of purple and blue does not count). When you land on a number of acorns, you can take that number of your color and place it on the squirrel card. If you come across a green arrow you can cross the branch, if it is a red arrow you must return. Be the first to reach the end with a full acorn card. If you are without a full card first, you are the fastest squirrel in the forest. If you end up with a full card, you are the best jerk boss !! You will be able to hibernate for a long time with a full belly.
Who is the fastest and who is the best? Go Nuts !!!

File content

4 pages including:
- 1 game board
- 5 lotto cards in various colors
- 50 acorn tokens (10 per color)
- 5 legends
- 5 pawns

Not included materials

- Dice (Aliexpress)
- Color dice brown instead of purple (Aliexpress)
- Pawn feet (Aliexpress)

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Doldwaas Eikelbaas
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