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  • Détective Spel - Juf Surya Designs

Detective Game

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Game rules

This game can be played with 3-5. Each child chooses a color Detective token and card, the Crook gets the black card and a cap. Together you look for the crook. Each detective starts on a number ball (own choice). Each has 4 transport tickets from: bus, tram and car. The crook may choose last. Detectives take a good look! Because after his first turn he is gone! The crook starts, move to a connecting number ball. The pawn moves away, so the detectives don't see where you are going. The crook says with which transport. Look at the connections on the game board. Green line = bus, Yellow dot line = tram, Red line = car. Place the used transport token upside down in front of you. The crook's movement card is hidden, not visible to the detectives. The crook places his crook marker on the number where he is. each in turn the detectives will do the same. Each turn, move 1 digit from 1 sphere to a consecutive one. Try to catch the crook 4x (get on the same sphere). You work as detectives TOGETHER! Anyone may place a handcuff token on the card with each catch. If the crook lands on a white sphere, he / she MUST show himself / herself. Go away, can the pawn go back! Caught 4x the crook, then the detectives are won! Tickets on and no 4x caught, then the crook escaped!

File content

4 pages including:
- 1 game board
- 4 detective cards
- 1 crook move card
- 16 handcuff tokens (4 per color)
- 1 Crook token
- 60 transport tickets (20 per vehicle)
- 5 pawns (option)

Not included materials