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  • Cirque Fantastique - Juf Surya Designs
  • Cirque Fantastique - Juf Surya Designs

Fantasy Circus

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4. Each player (circus director) chooses a pawn, circus artist card and 5 entrance tickets each in the color of your chosen card and pawn. Each card shows 5 circus artists. First go through all the artists that are there, so that the children know the name (e.g.: clown, acrobat, juggler, director, tamer, tightrope walker, etc..). Choose an artist on the game board and your pawn can start there. Dice, Count and move your pawn on the game board. Which artist do you end up with? Look at your artist card. Do you have the same circus artist? If so, you can place a ticket on it (cover it). If not, unfortunately your turn is over. The first person to fill his/her card with tickets is the winner! Wow, you really are Cirque Fantastique!!

File content

4 pages including:
- 1 game board
- 12 circus cards
- 48 circus cover tickets (12 per color)
- 4 pawns

Materials not included

Pawn feet (Aliexpress)

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