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Grocery Shopping Game

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-6. Each player chooses a shopping cart, shopping list and the corresponding pawn. Draw a message token without looking, that's where your pawn starts on the game board. Dice, count and move your pawn (shopping cart) across the game board (supermarket). You have a shopping list that lists everything you need to collect in your shopping cart. Look carefully at the game board and if you come across a message that you need, you can take this token and place it in your shopping cart. Be the first to collect all the products on your shopping list in your shopping cart. Then you are the winner of the grocery game! What a fast messenger you are!

File content

7 pages including:
- 6 shopping carts in various colors
- 90 product tokens (3 to 4 of each)
- 6 shopping lists
- 6 pawns

Materials not included

Pawn feet (Aliexpress)

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prachtig materiaal,