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  • Satchel Coding Game

Satchel Coding Game

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-6. Shuffle the pile of coding cards and put them in a feel bag or box. Each player chooses a color class card with corresponding class list and a satchel card. Now each take a coding card from the bag and place it face up under your satchel card. All at the same time, take a good look at which book bag you should start with. The satchel in the box BEFORE the arrows indicates this. Now follow with your finger the direction of the arrows on the map for each school bag. The question mark asks you, where did you stop? Which book bag did you end up with? Now you can look for the same book bag in the class list and see which child it belongs to. You can take that child and place the card on your class card in a box. Each round, everyone draws a new coding card. Once a ticket has been received, you put it back in the bag. Have you ever had that ticket? You can't do anything this turn. Be the first to try all If you collect several children on your class card, you have won! All set for the start of the new year in a new class!

File content

12 pages including:
- 1 school bag coding card
- 6 class list cards
- 15 code strips
- 45 child tickets

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Maryssa Delcourt
Boekentas codeerspel

Zeer mooi materiaal.