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  • Fast Word Game: Doctor & Sick

Fast Word Game: Doctor & Sick

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Game rules

You will receive this file in both capitals and punctuation!

This game can be played with 2-4. First decide together for which number of letters in a word you will play. Take all the cards with the same number of letters in the word and make a stack of them upside down. Each player takes 1 card from the deck and doesn't look yet! Place it upside down on the table in front of you. Count together from 3 to 0 and at 0 you turn your card together. Quickly look at the letters in your word and find them all in a bowl, bowl or box full of letters. Write your word completely in the boxes. (shortage of squares, place them next to them). Is your word ready? Hurry up and press the bell! If you are the fastest to press the bell, you have won 1 point. (keep the points on a scoreboard or collect with concrete material, for example: stacking caps). Do this in a number of agreed rounds and whoever has collected the most points at the end of all rounds is the winner!

TIP: You can form the words with Scrabble letters, wooden letters, plastic letters, letter dice, letter stones, etc... If the letter material does not fit in the boxes, you can also form the word under the card.

File content

10 pages including:
- 25 word cards in Capital letters
- 25 word cards in punctuation letters

Materials not included

Letter blocks or various letter material (Action)
Bel (Action)

Customer Reviews

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Britt Rouzée

Mooie vormgeving!!
Letterblokjes van de Action zijn net iets groter dan de vakjes, maar niet storend...