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Bakery Ordering Game

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Game rules

This game can be played with 2-4. Everyone chooses a pawn. You start on a self-chosen space on the board. You make a stack of order forms, shuffled and upside down, on the table. You give each child an order form and this can be opened at the classroom. Dice, count and move on the game board to the orders you need. Try to complete your order as quickly as possible. If you come across a picture that you have on your order form once, you can place the card next to your receipt. If it says 2x or 3x, you can roll the dice. If you throw exactly the amount you need, you can take it immediately. If you throw too little or too much, you can only take 1. Collect everything from your order form. Once you have everything, turn over the receipt. The first to complete 3 orders is the best baker!

File content

7 pages including:
- 1 game board
- 24 order cards (8 per number of colors)
- 28 products
- 6 pawns

Materials not included

Pawn feet

Customer Reviews

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An Driessens
Bakkerij Bestel spel

Ik speelde het spel gisteren met de kls. Het bleek wel heel moeilijk te zijn en daarom lang duren voordat ze effectief op 1 van hun bestellingen stopten. Daarom veranderde ik het naar, als je voorbij één van je bestellingen komt, mag je daar stoppen. Maar het was wel leuk en leerrijk.