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  • B-Bot or Bleu-Bot Jackets Beetle & Bee

B-Bot or Bleu-Bot Jackets Beetle & Bee

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Short explanation

I made these jackets especially for the arrival of Spring. This way you can transform your Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot into a Ladybug or bee (Bee is only useful with the Bleu-Bot because the B-Bot is already a bee). Very nice and sweet, this will be a hit with the children!

Tips & guidelines

Step 1: Print the jacket on sturdy paper, so it is slightly more durable. We recommend that you print this on 300 g / m2 paper.
Step 2: Cut out all parts. NOTE: Cut the glue strip under the feelers round, only cut out the triangle on the inside. Don't forget the eyes either.
Step 3: Glue the ends of the jacket together up to the dashed line.
Step 4: Fold the glue strip of the feelers over and bend them a little more round.
Step 5: Now glue the antennae above the face / head (inside) to the jacket. Step 6: (Only for the Bleu-Bot) Stick the narrowest part of the wing on the sides, 1 wing on each side.
Step 7: Now your Beetle-Bot (or bee) is ready for use, have fun!

File content

2 pages including:
- 1 jacket Ladybug
- 1 jacket Bijtje (only useful with Bleu-Bot)

Not included materials

B-Bot (
Sturdy paper of at least 300g (

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