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  • Alarm Brandweer Spel - Juf Surya Designs
  • Alarm Brandweer Spel - Juf Surya Designs
  • Alarm Fire Department Game
  • Alarm Fire Department Game

Alarm Fire Department Game

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Game rules

This game is available in 3 versions. 1 with only firemen, 1 with only firewomen and 1 with a combination of both.

This game can be played with 2-6. Each player chooses a fireman/woman color and takes the pawn, sample card, legend, naked man/woman and clothes. Start with the pawn at the ALARM in the middle of the fire hose. Dice, count and move your pawn on the spiral of the fire hose from the inside to the outside. If you come upon a piece of clothing, you can take it and put it in the right place from your naked fire brigade. ATTENTION: also look carefully to the left and right (eg: shoes). Each object has an action (look at legend). This can be a few spaces forward or back, skip a turn, or help the last player. At the helicopter you may roll the dice again and the last player on the game board may advance that number of spaces. Try to finish the FINISH first with a fully clothed fireman/woman. If you finish incomplete you are not the winner! Are you complete? Congratulations you are a top firefighter! Ready to put out fires and rescue people in need!

File content

Separate versions each contain 16 pages including:
- 6 fireman or woman example cards in various colors
- 6 firemen or women in underpants in various colors
- 6 firefighter or woman clothes
- 6 legends
- 6 pawn cards
Version as set contains 32 pages including:
- 12 fire brigade sample cards in various colors (6 man & 6 woman)
12 firefighters naked cards in various colors (6 man & 6 woman)
- 12 firefighters' clothing (6 man & 6 woman)
- 12 legends (6 male & 6 female)
- 12 pawn cards (6 man & 6 woman)

Materials not included

Pawn Feet

Customer Reviews

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patty desmit

Heel mooi materiaal en heel bruikbaar.
Kleuters waren dol op de rijmpolitie.
Ik wist niet hoe de documenten te verkleinen dus heb ze op a3 moeten uitprinten nadat ik deze eerst op a4 allemaal had geprint. ( de helft stond er maar op)